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Kakehashi International School AMAMI is a Japanese language school that serves as a bridge for realizing your dreams. We provide not only language education but also complete guidance for further study and employment, so that we can become a Japanese language school for students who are thinking of going on for further study and finding employment in Japan in future. Amami is a place that has few distractions and danger so that you can focus on your study, and the time you spend here will become a priceless period in your life to realize your dreams.

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Strong support for employment/further study

For students who wish to go on to further study in universities and vocational schools, we provide guidance for further study in accordance with each student’s ability and aspiration. Our partner, the Kakehashi Group, is a professional in providing employment support. For those who have acquired Japanese proficiency above the prescribed level, we provide a range of employment support such as participation in employment events and guidance on how to handle interviews, etc.


Full attention of teachers in small classes!

The classes are small with about 20 students and conducted in an atmosphere that makes it easy for students to ask questions. We provide “individual instruction” for those who need extra help in the areas that they have not fully understood.We provide full support not only in study related matters, but also in areas related to daily life and part-time work, etc.


Environment that is convenient for daily life

We have new and clean male and female dormitories. The rent is less than half of the major cities such as Tokyo and Osaka.There are many kind and friendly Japanese people living on our rural island, and student can focus on their studies with peace of mind. The environment is convenient to daily life with facilities such as supermarkets, banks and a post office nearby.

School profile

Name of school

Kakehashi International School AMAMI


AIS Building, 4-28 Nazekohamacho, Amami-shi, Kagoshima 894-0006, Japan



Introduction of the dormitories

Male dormitory

10-person room
¥14,000 per month (utilities not included)

*Those who wish can move to the following after 6 months have passed from enrolment. But this depends on whether there are vacancies.

4-person room
¥15,000 per month (utilities not included)
※ located within the school building
2-person room
¥16,000 per month (utilities not included)
※ located within the school building

Female dormitory

4-person room
¥15,000 per month (utilities not included)
※ located within the school building
2-person room
¥16,000 per month (utilities not included)
※ located within the school building

*Students will enter one of these rooms if there are vacancies.

Equipment/Facilities in the neighborhood
  • Supermarket: AEON Plaza Oshima Store (2 min), FamilyMart (6 min)
  • Financial institutions: Kagoshima Bank, Naze Post Office 
  • Distance to school: 5-min walk for the male dormitory, and the female dormitory is located in the same building as the school
  • Room furniture: Double-decker beds, tables, chairs, air-con
  • Common facilities: Kitchen, dining hall, shower, toilet, refrigerator, washing machine
  • Internet: Wireless LAN